Quilted basket made from freemotion quilting

프리모션퀼팅 퀼트바구니

What do you do with fabric after practicing freemotion quilting?

Mostly just throw it away

I leave it somewhere in the corner.


I also make it with a sofa cover

I gave it to my friends for free

Now it’s not fun either

I made a quilted bowl

The larger one is the quilt basket, the smaller one is the quilt plate.

The use of quilted baskets and dishes is for storing candy, coffee mixes, other accessories, and sewing supplies.

Somehow, I worked with white fabric

Too clean basket was made


These quilt baskets are going to be presented as an event gift at my cafe.

I think it is possible to share 2-3 pieces per person

Please check the link below for event information

My Cafe Event

The quilted basket is white, so it looks clean and makes accessories stand out.

If you get dirty while using

Wash again with soap or detergent.


In the future, quilting items similar to quilting baskets will often come out.

Then I will give it back to my friends for free ^^

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